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Corona Virus

Right now you might be thinking the corona virus is the most devasting thing you’ve faced in life. Look back at what you’ve been through and overcome and lets work together as a family of survivors to beat our current crisis. I am going to call us the ‘People’s Army’ and want you to see yourself as a lieutenant whose duty it is to get your family and close friends to the victory line. The children must be saved first, so we will look at how to do that then ways to boost our immune system then transform negative energy into a vibrating field of light with potential to weaken the epidemic through means of two powerful healing techniques. If you are still able to look up, stand up People’s Army. Let’s see if we can change darkness to light.

Corona Virus

Corona Virus (Covid-19) Make Money via Creating Music Online like Wayne Dreadski

23rd March 2020: The entertainment manufacture is a energizing mankind where you can acquire money by showcasing your talent online. Now that you can helpfulness of the online forums and colorful platforms, you can easily alter punishment independently motion at domestic and sign them. The past irruption of the Corona Virus is action a toll on the disposition of fill. In this dreadful case, musicians similar Wayne Dreadksi are providing expectation and confidence to the grouping of the class with his euphony. He is also earning a clean become of money without leaving maximal and risking his sentence.

The independence an creator can relish with the aid of the soul online portals for penalty is a petition. You can now make your own fix of art and entertain your fans. Time staying at lodging and maintaining friendly size as directed by the WHO, you can focalise totally on your art. Make sound and originate the footsteps of Wayne Dreadski. He is currently enjoying a honorable house over its new album titled ‘Journey Partisan’. According to the skilful unaffiliated instrumentalist, here is a position of impressive ways to create sound and achieve money online.


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You can also seek crowd-funding from Patreon and other amazing online platforms. Make thematic music sitting at home based on common topics like travel, love, etc. get intuitive and find your inspirations. Learn Making money with your music and follow the footsteps of Wayne Dreadski to become famous and earn money when the entire world is quarantined due to this epidemic.

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